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What is the first thing you notice in someone’s bathroom?

What is the first thing you notice in someone’s bathroom?  Is it the cleanliness? Is it the shower/tub, or the lighting? Are you judging the fixtures, or rifling through the medicine cabinet?

There is SO much more to your bathroom than simply keeping it clean. People look at all kinds of aspects of your bathroom and whether you like it or not, judge you accordingly. The fact is, people look at many details about your bathroom and here's what they're looking at:

1) The Lighting- people will judge lighting, even if it's something you don't really think of. You don't want dark, you want light and airy and inviting

2) The Smell- truth. Always. Light a candle, or some other pleasant-smelling device and keep it in there

3) Counter Clutter- Marie Kondo that counter and minimize that counter. Some soap/hand sanitizer for sure and maybe a COUPLE other necessary items and that's it

4) The Decor- guests will notice tile and interesting mirrors and light fixtures. They will appreciate plumbing fixtures and tasteful wall hangings

5) The Vibe- what vibe is your bathroom putting out?

6) The Cleanliness- for sure you HAVE to have a clean bathroom. No moldy, musty towels all over the place, no cluttered counters, no pubes all over your toilet...clean your bathroom. It makes a world of diference.

People judge you by your bathroom and you can see more here



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