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Servers reveal their customer red flags

Servers reveal their customer red flags, because believe it or not, you're not a perfect customer either! In fact, wait staff can pick you out from a mile away, read on:

Wait staff have to deal with all KINDS of customers and while some, probably most are good, there can be some that are, let's just say "difficult" and sadly, they stand out. Servers have seen it all, so obviously there are some certain types of behavior they have seen many times, that lead them to draw conclusions about customers, those proverbial "red flags". So what are some red flags that customers display? Here are some examples:

If you order a water with two lemons, they know what they're in for

When someone says they know the owner

When the response to "hi, how are you?" is " I want a..."

If they ask if something is still on the menu, when clearly it is not

When they spend their first few minutes examining their silverware and then asking for hot water to "sanitize" it

Anyone that walks past the "please wait to be seated: sign and just seats themselves

These and many others are red flags to servers for sure. Are you guilty of any of these? What are some customer red flags you've seen? Check out more here



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