Meghan Thee Stallion Might Sit On You If You Get Too Close

So remember the story I was telling you about the guy that got too close to Rihanna and put his arm around her neck and she quickly checked him, and embarrassed him in front of all his homies?

Well Meghan Thee Stallion has a different reaction when you get too close to her.  Meghan Thee Stallion was performing and she had some fans on stage dancing to, "Hot Girl Summer."  Well one guy thought he would also try to get close to a celebrity. So Meghan’s twerking right, then this dude decided to lie down on his back and scoot underneath twerking Meghan.  Security literally drags him away from Meghan, who then tells them to stop. She turns around and starts to give him a slow twerk and practically sits on top of him!

Press play!