Flooding Sweeps Fort Myers Beach, Florida as Hurricane Idalia Looms Closer

Splashing Raindrops

Photo: Moment RF

As Hurricane Idalia bears down on the Florida coast, Fort Myers Beach faces the looming threat of flooding again. The town, still recovering from the destructive impact of Hurricane Ian less than a year ago, is on alert as the storm advances across the Gulf of Mexico.

The scene along Estero Blvd, home to the under-construction Margaritaville hotel, is a stark reminder of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian's 14-foot surge. Despite the hotel's efforts to fortify its structures, the impending storm has ignited concerns about further damage.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts Idalia will make landfall north of Cedar Key, roughly 150 miles north of Fort Myers Beach, by tomorrow morning. This projection has prompted widespread preparations and evacuation plans across the region.

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